January 23, 2017

Geography - Today, we continued to look at the types of industries: primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary. As we discussed each of the types of industries and their attributes, we used jobs that we were most familiar with to understand their classification.  We looked at the percentage of people working in each industry in addition to who the people are in terms of demographics!

We completed a slideshow note and students were given a handout to complete based on the information they took down. For some questions, they had to infer the fill in the blank answer. Take a look here!

Language - Students continued their write up on "The Lottery," by Shirely Jackson and created a SEEC paragraph on: "In the Lottery, by Shirley Jackson, did the townspeople participate in a collective act of murder? Is tradition a sufficient reason to kill?" I am putting together the package and will have it linked here shortly!

Grade 4/5 Health - The kids were introduced to smoking through a youtube clip which prompted a classroom discussion on the effects of smoking. Youtube Clip

Gym - We played a game of dodgeball which was slightly different from the traditional way. Each team sent one member over to the opposite side to stand in the middle of a hula hoop. The student in the hula hoop could now attack that team just as long as they caught the ball within the hula hoop itself!

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