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Image may contain: screen and indoorHave you ever tried Kahoot in your classroom? It's a great interactive way to track your students knowledge - for free! I used this in preparing my students for EQAO (Grade 3 and 6)!

Materials: Projector, laptop/computer, and kahoot account. 

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Three part problem solving is always easy with a mindmap! In this question, students had to find as many ways as they could to create $2.55. 

Materials: Bag of coins, worksheet to record data, large piece of paper to "think out loud", and markers. 

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Cross-curricular with social studies! My students picked up a book highlighting the landform regions in Canada and recreated their painting with water colours. As a follow up assignment, they wrote me a descriptive paragraph on the geographic region they recreated and its physical features....Art mark, social studies mark, and language mark! 

Materials: landform region books (from your school library), water colors, paint brushes, cardstock paper, and paint mats (to cover the table). 

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